7 Tips and Ideas for Your First Weblog Entry

7 Tips and Ideas for Your First Weblog Entry
From Sheila Ann Manuel Coggins,

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Your Guide to Web Logs.
Writing Your First Blog Post

In any case, here are some ideas to get you started with blogging:

1) Just write something. Anything, really.
2) Write a little something about yourself. A lot of weblog writing is personal.
3) Write about how and/or why you’re starting a weblog.
4) Pick a theme or topic that you’re passionate about, then write about it.
5) Post an image that you like and write about it.
6) Choose a meme/prompt/collab or a blog quiz to post.
7) Write a short letter to your readers.

There are other ways to get that first weblog entry out of the way. But, whatever way you choose, remember this basic rule: There’s really no wrong or right way to write that first blog post. So, just get blogging!